Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chopin's Op.28 No.1

Prelude No. 1 is a versatile and short piece. It may last only 30 seconds if played quickly.

Chopin wrote this piece on Majorca, Spain, whereas the music he played is weaved by two lines composed of majors and minors. All the minors are set to low and depressing tunes, while the majors are delighted and happy. The brief and subtle interaction of both signified the very essence of life and its many joys and sufferings.

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Anonymous said...

sorry, i know this has nothing to do with this song. but i was wondering if you have the piano sheet music for everytime we touch by cascada? i hope you do, because pretty much all the music sheets i get are from here. THANKS!

Hades said...

thanks alot........