Sunday, January 13, 2008

Final Fantasy I : Matoya's Cave

Matoya is the background music for Matoya's Cave in Final Fantasy I.

Sound File:

Sheet File:

About Matoya's Cave

Matoya's Cave is a location in the original Final Fantasy. A cave found north of Coneria, an old witch named Matoya lives here. After defeating Astos you receive Matoya's missing eye. Matoya rewards you with a Jolt Potion for finding her eye, then decided your party are too ugly to keep around.


Anonymous said...

I love this site and since I discovered it I keep popping back to see if you've posted any more music! Please carry on with this. My daughter and I love playing the music - thank you for introducing us to the Japanese composers in particular.

ALpiggy said...

Hi I really want to thank you for Yurima's songs. But is it possible that you update some FinalFantasy Songs? like 'To Zanarkand'. (: Yup much appreciated ! THANK YOU !